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I'm the parent of a 15 year old girl who plays many sports ... and also a Video Producer who has 20 plus years of credits with the NHL, MLB, NCAA and the NBA/GLeague. Advances in technology have allowed people to shoot video on your phone, tablet and camcorder. But wouldn't you rather sit back and watch the game ... and have a professionally shot video with great sound that you'll watch again and again?


Each video can be customized. Sizzle Sports Media can cover any sporting event in any weather condition. We have years of experience shooting games, tryouts, recruiting reels, home videos and our specialty, the documentary style video yearbook. Not only will there be a cost savings for the entire team, the video yearbook goes beyond the highlights to reveal what makes each player special. 


I can also use photos and video you've shot and create montages, complete with music and unique elements that will make the video "one of a kind". Sizzle Sports Media will make the All-Stars in your family look like Hall of Famers!



David Scherzer

Owner/Lead Producer 

Sizzle Sports Media






























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