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FANS of Sizzle Sports Media


“I’ve worked with David Scherzer for the past 15 years. I’ve seen him grow and develop

into a very talented writer, producer, editor, cameraman and friend. As the on-camera 

Host and Narrator of “Inside the Big East, we’ve developed a strong working relationship

and have found a very practical rhythm. David has a keen eye when it comes to making

quick decisions on location and has been instrumental in preparing me for shoots. He’s

cool under pressure and is adept in all facets of Sports TV.”


John Heffernan

Host, Inside the Big East


"Thanks again for creating "Lichbomb on Ice". What was just a thought, you turned into reality,

and it was hysterical! Including family pictures in the story was brilliant! I'm looking forward

to working with you again and I'd recommend you to everyone I know".

Rob Lichtenstein


"This video wins the internet".

Andrew L.


"This was hands down the best intro video I've ever seen!

Best sports documentary ever lol!!"

Randi. S


“That was outstanding. Thank you very much for capturing that

part of our lives. That was beautiful, very much appreciate it.”


Mike Cohen


“I want to thank you for all the hard work driven into the video yearbook. I watched it with Dylan when we got home and it was a perfect ending to a season we will all never forget.”


Greg Borys

Cranford Hockey Parent/Assistant Coach


“It was beautifully done; I am beyond impressed!!! You really captured the kids and the spirit of the team. Thanks so much for your hard work!”


Laurie Adamski

Cranford Hockey Parent


“We watch the “Superfan” video all the time. It’s flawless. It’s crazy what kind of vision you have. With all the footage you took, you were really creative with how it was edited. My friends from the shoot were really impressed with how it turned out. The music at the end is awesome!”


Alex Silva

Bruins Superfan


I was most pleased with the Season Opener of “Inside the Big East”. It was a very well produced show and I can see the extra effort that David put in.


Tom Odjakjian

Former Associate Commisioner

Big East Conference 

Thank you so much for everything! You are awesome to work with and I will be sure to recommend you to all Jordan’s friends who are having upcoming bar and bat mitzvahs! Who knows, maybe in a few years you can do one of my kids weddings.

Fran D

Even better watching the second time!

Vinny M


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